Trovex offers bespoke wrapped doors that are designed to be hygienic, sustainable and robust for future use. We have spent over 20 years specialising in the manufacturing of doors, walls and other hygienic products that are perfectly placed for areas where hygiene and durability is key such as in hospitals, surgeries and health centres.

What is a PVC Wrapped Door from Trovex?

Whilst traditional doors are flat in appearance, wrapped doors are moulded using high temperatures and pressure to create various patterns, and maintain cleanliness and hygiene too. The vacuum-bonded wrapped doors create a material that is long lasting and easy to clean, hence it is perfect for areas where hygiene is essential.

  • Made to measure
  • Range of colours available
  • Sustainable, minimal waste
  • Sourced and produced locally in the UK
  • Delivered to your door
  • Fully hygienic

We have a collection of wrapped door products to suit every purpose, including the Hygidoor and the Hygidoor Tuff.

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A perfectly matched finish

Designed to achieve a perfectly matched finish, this system offers each of the four key elements - sheet material, trim, jointing weld rod and silicone - in the full range of colours.

Trovex offers PVC wrapped doors that are available in a number of bright colours and finishes. All doors are manufactured in-house at our specialised Hygidoor plant in London and we enjoy working closely with our client to provide something that is bespoke, suits exact requirements and matches the theme of the establishment.

All our products are covered by generous guarantees and are tested for quality before distribution. The technical team provides installation guidance and will be available to assist you every step of the way.
Sustainability is key. We strive to reduce our consumption of resources and recycle at every opportunity and any post-production waste is regenerated into raw material, which has minimal carbon impact.


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Choose from a wide range of materials and colour options in attractive and robust finishes to complement your design.