Select Installers

Proper installation of Trovex systems is vital for the desired result.

We have chosen our Select Installers for their considerable expertise and experience, and a reputation for reliability. They are trusted to achieve excellence. Trovex Select installers offer a high level of service and workmanship. Each technician is trained by Trovex to ensure a consistently high standard of work at each project.

Choosing Trovex Select installers means you can expect the installation to be carried out by qualified staff using approved methods and appropriate equipment. Every completed project is compliant with Trovex specifications and required standards.

Our team of Trovex installers have national coverage:

Trovex Select installers are independent businesses with no legal or financial connection to Focus Trovex LLP (‘Trovex’). Any prospective customers should make their own enquiries and satisfy themselves about the quality and workmanship of the Select installer. Trovex does not accept liability for the activities or workmanship of any Trovex Select Installer.

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