Fire safety is one of the most important considerations when designing, planning, constructing and managing buildings, and never more so important as now, in the wake of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. In our latest blog, we look at fire strategies, what you need to know and how Trovex fire-rated Hygidoor systems can help to ensure you’re compliant with the law.


What is a fire strategy?

A fire strategy will cover all phases from the initial planning and construction of a building, through to the day to day plans and procedures involved in fire safety to ensure people and property are protected and kept safe.

A fire strategy will clearly outline objectives, specifications and legal regulations for a building and discuss how each will be met. Most fire strategies will differ depending on the type of building – from hospitals, schools and universities, to factories and offices, different approaches must be considered.


Legal requirements

Approved Document B and the British Standard 5588 series (now superseded by BS9991 and BS9999) are the key legislation you need to follow. These outline the minimum standards for achieving the functional requirements of the Building Regulations for traditional buildings and where fire doors play a key role.


Phased approach

There are various phases to consider when developing your fire strategy that includes: planning means of escape, considering fire spread and fire control, access for fire services, and implementing evacuation plans.  In the initial construction phase or in reviewing your fire safety strategy, considerations will be made to the quality of materials used and their resistance to fire which will include fire doors.


Door safety

The importance of installing high-quality fireproof doors is paramount to controlling fire spread and keeping people safe. Trovex Hygidoor is fire-rated as standard, with options for up to 60-minute fire rating to comply with the strictest UK and European legislation regarding safety whilst enduring heavy usage.

The most rigorous fire resistant test – the FD60 created to comply with BS476-22 resulted in Hygidoor withstanding 950°C heat for over an hour.  Trovex Hygidoors also have Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturing Certification which provides extra reassurance to specifiers, contractors and end users that Hygidoors have been manufactured correctly and will perform as required. The Exova Q Marking Scheme has been embraced by Trovex to implement quality assurance and quality control within our Hygidoor manufacturing facility.


Hygiene and high design

Along with the fire safety performance of Hygidoors, they offer a hygienic finish that is easy to maintain and can actively fight bacteria. They’re also built for heavy use and high traffic areas so are long lasting and vandal-proof. Plus they come in a wide range of colours so you can match your Hygidoor to any design setting.

To find out more about your fire strategy and how our fire rated Hygidoors can help you be compliant, please contact us on

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