Trovex has been committed to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the interior and washroom industry for over 20 years. We are a family owned business, and it’s our family values that inform our company culture and provide us with the foundations for our continued success.

In this, our landmark year of trading for 20 years, we’re excited to build further on these foundations, with increased investment in research and development, the recruitment and training of new staff, and the unveiling of new products to increase our offering to our customers.

Investment in Research & Development

At Trovex, we specialise in designing and delivering practical and highly innovative products for the healthcare, education and leisure industries. We have a proven track-record of enhancing interior surfaces and washroom products through a unique combination of innovation and technology.

In 2018, we are set to take our operations to the next level by increasing investment in R&D, and by implementing major changes and improvements to our processes. We’re always looking for an opportunity to develop our existing products, and have done so lately through the development of various new bonding applications, and through the introduction of the edge banding machine, which is designed to remove several processes from our operatives making your projects run smoother and faster to meet your deadlines and cause minimum disruption.

Training and Team Dedication

We are committed to investing in our staff. We understand that our continued success depends on maintaining a highly trained and engaged workforce. To create an environment where our employees can thrive, we are committed to our three core values: reliability, competence and care. These core values form the foundation of our company culture and ensure that we provide an environment for our employees to excel in their performance, develop new skills and reach their career goals.

To join Trovex in our pursuit of innovation and the pursuit of excellence in 2018 please email us today on or call us directly on 01707 254170. We’re always pleased to talk through the requirements of a project, without obligation.