A well-defined and successful brand strategy will reach the customer in a personal way and it will naturally go through your establishment architecture and interior design.

It is not new that your wardrobe says a lot about you. What you wear can reveal your type of employment, emotions, ambitions and spending habits. It’s the same for your company! A well-defined and successful brand strategy will reach the customer in a personal way and it will naturally go through your establishment architecture and interior design.

Nowadays we can find a wide range of corporate ideologies, ranging from the more capitalist to the more sustainable and eco-friendly. More and more people want to identify with corporations, seeking those who share their ideas and principles. Therefore, nothing is more certain than trying to reflect the personality and ambitions of those who run businesses in their own businesses, business interactions, and corporate architecture.

This reflection in the workplace is very important for those who circulate through this space daily, from employees to customers. It’s important that your employees have a clear idea that what their organization is trying to achieve because if they don’t, then customers definitely won’t know. That way, a comfortable place that makes people feel good and that reflects the brand values is a must. How many times have you visited an establishment and become suspicious about the company credibility due to the space in which the company was? Closed offices, with excessive seriousness, fancy colors, poor lighting and disorganization have already been reasons for customers to give up on closing the deal.

Something very important that also cannot be left aside by architects and designers is how dynamic the workplace is. With the increasing advances in technologies, the paradigm breaks and the speed of communication, bureaucratic spaces and rigid structures are not appropriate anymore. Investing in open, large, relaxed environments and with versatile pieces of furniture is a solution to break this rigidity.

Your washrooms and facilities are a big deal!

People do care about toilet areas more than you think. Your washrooms reflect your brand directly in the heart of your employees and customers. That is because they will have a private and individual experience when in the toilets areas and they will tend to be critical if they notice or experience something bad, that will count negatively for your brand because that is the way you treat them, the toilets facilities are part of customer service and all customer service has to reflect your brand values.

Shopping centers have already realized that pleasant washrooms are a key advantage. The retailers depend on customers feeling good so they can have a proper shopping experience. What before was a matter of being mandatory or not today is what set the shops apart from its competitors. No one likes to visit shops that don’t provide welcoming facilities.
The first step is asking yourself how do you want people to feel when they step into your office or shop environment? No matter your company style, your facilities must reflect your brand narrative. It is an opportunity for a great experience between your customers and your brand.

Planning a corporate architecture that, in addition to functionality and elegance, also reflects the company’s image, is a job that requires experience, flexibility and, above all, a correct understanding of its principles. The help of professionals is virtually necessary when that is the issue. That way, your company’s architecture will reflect exactly what you want.