At Trovex, our hygienic cladding is used on walls and ceilings in settings where hygiene and cleanliness are critical requirements. Alongside healthcare and hospital environments, food preparation areas are dramatically benefitting from upping their hygiene game with Trovex suite of products.
In 2016/17, the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland were notified of and investigated over 2000 food-related complaints of which many were caused by ‘pathogenic micro-organisms’ i.e. bacteria. There are a number of risks associated with food preparation which range in severity from losing business and revenue to causing another person actual harm through contamination and bacterial food poisoning.

Best practice
Official guidance from the Food Standards Agency states that wall surfaces need to be made of materials that are smooth, impervious, non-absorbent, washable and non-toxic. Trovex wall cladding is the perfect solution in food prep areas – our surfaces boast extraordinary strength and have a high resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals. These easy to clean, non-porous and antibacterial surfaces will give you peace of mind during food standards inspections and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Ultimate in hygiene
Trovex wall cladding is tough, long-lasting and impervious to impact, spills and stains. Offering exceptional durability, this is an investment that gives return year on year. Plus you don’t have to compromise on your design with Trovex. We offer one of the largest selections of colours and finishes to complete your food preparation area design scheme. We even offer bespoke hygienic wall finishes in our Gallery range, using beautiful photography or illustrations to bring a touch of personality or to emphasise your brand.

Don’t take chances
Contact us to ensure that your kitchen and food preparation areas are up to the required standards today. When it comes to food safety, you need a solution that will prevent the growth of germs and bacteria and help in the drive for overall improved infection control and hygiene. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.