We’re proud to have been in business for over 20 years and we can attribute that, in part, to our commitment to investing in R&D. We understand that our range of products and services that benefit healthcare and commercial industries must remain at the forefront of innovation so we stay competitive and successful.

Even back in 1998, our small team were developing industry-changing products and this has continued throughout our growth.


Trovex Diamond

Investment in R&D resulted in the creation of Trovex Diamond. Boasting extraordinary strength and resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals, Trovex Diamond is another of our innovative wall and ceiling cladding products.
This tough, long-lasting surface is impervious to impact, spills and stains and offers exceptional durability and antibacterial properties to provide protection in challenging environments.



Trovex was first to market with our range of hygienic wash station solutions – Hygipods.  These fully encapsulated ‘pods’ are the perfect choice in healthcare environments, where bacteria breed quickly and can circulate freely. Constructed of a rigid core with Trovex hygienic cladding, Hygipods offers absolute cleanliness in one simple unit.

Delivered prefabricated, less time is spent marking-out sanitary-ware positioning and constructing on-site framing, making commissioning and installation simple and fast.


Our current innovation

Innovation is an ongoing process, to strive for excellent solutions. Although we have a weekly innovation meeting to collaborate, share progress and develop ideas, it doesn’t mean that innovation happens at a set time and for a set period every week. Our team are constantly innovating all the time in their day-to-day lives to provide you with greater solutions and benefits.

We’ve found a way to enhance the worlds washroom surfaces further, in line with our vision. And this is why we have several exciting new products which will be released in the near future, as part of our innovative process.


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We know that innovation and R&D have been integral to our success and is the reason why we will continue to innovate and approach all challenges creatively to find solutions for our ever-changing industry.

If you have a challenge, or an upcoming project, please get in touch with us – our team would be delighted to chat with you.