With the launch of Essence, Trovex combines the unique and classic appearance of wood finishes with the ultimate antimicrobial properties of Trovex Diamond. The collection features a strong palette of 12 new woodgrain effects, which allows architects, designers and contractors to create a truly bespoke, durable and hygienic finish.

Beautiful, easy to work and versatile, the wood has been exhaustively used for architects and interior designers for thousands of years, giving homes and offices a warm and beautiful effect.

With the increasing world populations and rising standard of living, environmental problems arise through the exploitation of forests and the industrial use of its products, causing an urgent demand for building materials that could replace the versatility of wood. The construction industry started to invest extensively on R&D and a wide variety of PVC Wood finishes has been launched over the last decades as a substitute for wood in doorsets and frames besides wall cladding, ceilings and floors.

Introduced the early 1970’s, the PVC Wood was at first a cheap solution for the high demand for wood substitutes, while the quality varied, architects and interior designers were not quite happy with the finish of the PVC Wood. After years of improvements, today we can find many hygienic and sustainable solutions that imitate wood perfectly, saving money, time and, naturally, the forests.
Because it is an impermeable material, the PVC-Wood has become an excellent solution for wet areas.

The Trovex Essence Collection is an excellent option for Hygienic Wall cladding, Hygipods and Hygidoors. In addition to being 100% recyclable Trovex Essence range offers high-performance materials to guarantee an unbeatable hygienic surface and quality that will stand the test of time.

Wonderful wooden Hygienic Wall Cladding & Panels

The Trovex new Essence Hygienic Wall Cladding range has stepped into the breach, responding to the trend for funky wood finishes. Ideal for demanding environments, where hygiene is critical, this wall cladding system provides ultimate design, low-maintenance with exceptional resistance to impact, spills and stains, while the built-in power of Bactiban™ prevents bacteria growth.

Ideal for a wide range of settings, you can use it for an entire room or just one feature wall, delivering a great outdoor feel, mixing modern style with country home décor.

Hygidoors – Durability and Hygiene at its best!

Ideal for healthcare and education environments, the Trovex Hygidoor leads the way with quality, safety and design – from the unique flush glazing system to the impact resistance and low-maintenance surface, while the built-in power of Bactiban™ prevents bacteria growth.

Hygidoor is FD60 Fire tested by Exova Warrington Laboratory.

Wood-grain Hygipods – Talk about hygiene!

The wood-grain finish is a great alternative for a beautiful design without impinging on the anti-bacterial properties. Trovex Hygipod is a unique off-site manufactured, pre-plumbed and HBN 00-10 Compliant wash station. It’s finished in joint-free Trovex PVC and available in a wide range of colours for ultimate design and hygiene!

Essence Colour range – Stylish, practical and easy to maintain!

Trovex Hygi-products are available in a choice of 12 Woodgrain shades. The natural neutrality of the Natural Oak, Warm beach, Fresh Maple, Sand Beech and Majestic Oak adapts very well to any style of environment.

Widely used in washstations, pods and doorsets Provincial Plum and Regal Rosewood gain space in healthcare and education areas, giving a special touch to the most diverse environments.

The Gabon Ebony, Truffle Beech and Smoked Elm dark shades brings a touch of personality and sophistication to the area, perfect to combine with different colours, textures and materials.

Visit our products and Case Studies page to find out more about all new Essence colour range and how can you include woodgrain in your next project and confirm the sophistication it brings to the environments.

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