Developed in 1970’s as an ecological and cost effective alternative to other materials, the PVC is today the world’s third-most widely produced plastic and has been largely used in modern constructions and interior design projects. Besides being extremely durable and easy to maintain, the PVC can also be modified to stop bacteria growth by adding especial components, such as Activ:ion™, a high antimicrobial PVC additive that reduce bacteria growth by up to 99.9%. Such innovative features like that brought PVC to a new level, becoming a must-have finish for healthcare and education areas.

While long lasting and hygienic, the high performance of the PVC doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice beauty – there are plenty design and finishes for all kind of settings and budgets, but the fact is that regardless of the price and aesthetics of this type of finish, it has numerous advantages.

Durability and resistance

Because it is an impermeable material, PVC resists saline atmospheres, moisture and termite. The material lasts for years without the need for maintenance and painting. In damp environments such as the washrooms, swimming areas and kitchen, PVC is an excellent alternative, as it does not suffer from the shower vapor and any grease marks can be easily cleaned with specific products.


The PVC cladding finish is a good substitute for wood, in addition to being 100% recyclable. In other words, this material is not the result of deforestation, which helps directly in the preservation of the environment. For those who want to combine comfort and sustainability, this product is the ideal request.

Easy to Install

Because it is a lightweight material with tailor made fittings, PVC reduces the need for large structures for fixing. Thus, the assembly can be done quickly and practically, without delaying the work schedule. It is worth noting that the application process is not very noisy and the dirt in the assembly is minimal.

Safety and Comfort

Plastic wall cladding resists heat, cold and dampness. These wall claddings allow a good thermal and acoustic insulation, that is, it makes the environment more pleasant and increases the feeling of well-being. Additionally, this material still prevents the spread of fire in the event of a short circuit or fire.

PVC Wall Claddings are easy to clean and do not need painting. The Trovex Hygienic Wall Cladding contains antimicrobial additives such as Bactiban™ and Activ:ion™, contributing to the antibacterial fight.

Great Value for money

The PVC costs considerably less comparing with other materials (such as plaster and wood, for example). Therefore, it is possible to find the perfect material for your project, without weighing in the budget. One more thing: before making your choice, research companies that provides warranty and rely on the help of a Trovex Special Installer, an architect or engineer to decide which suitable is most suitable for your project.

Variety of colours and textures

For Trovex, the most popular wall cladding and ceilings is Diamond white, in plain white colour and available in different widths. Certainly this you already know, but Trovex offers an unrivaled colour range of vibrant and pastels colours, finishes, textures and sizes for a great value.

It is worth mentioning that the new Trovex Wall Cladding Woodgrain colour range – Essence – is top notch in design.

Trovex just launched a new and even durable wall cladding range, the Resilience, a system that maximises protection in demanding areas. The minor undulations of the surface of the sheet prevents scratching and scuffing, maintaining the surface condition for even longer time.


Trovex PVC Wall Cladding is a versatile, durable and hygienic solution that can be used both in the ceiling and in the wall cladding. In addition, it falls well indoors and outdoors, from the kitchen to the swimming pool area, from the reception to the washrooms. In more demanding environments, it can be enhanced with Activ:ion™ for ultimate hygiene.


Trovex Hygienic Wall Claddings are 100% recyclable. Also, the use of PVC claddings does not cause air pollution like painting and staining and consumes less energy than other materials.

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