Trovex have just topped up their brand with some music. Did you know music could be a tool for increasing productivity?

Have you even thought of listening to music as being an extremely effective stress management tool?

Music can absorb our attention and act as a distraction to a stressful mind. We know productivity increases when stress levels are reduced and further singing along has been proved as a method to release tension.

Classical music is known to have to have the most calming effect, even as far as slowing the pulse and reducing heart rate. On the flip side takes nothing but a hit of rock or Jazz to boost productivity and morale with a firm discharge of beat and rhythm.

Trovex has embraced the theory and connected it with the brand. Nothing like a glimmer of white gloss to convey we are all about Making It. Hygienic. Maybe there’s a chance we could add these to our product range. Take a further look