Could you benefit from a ‘plug n play’ IPS system? With construction moving at a faster pace than ever, the method used for constructing buildings is important.

Modular and offsite construction is the first step, then what about internal products being delivered to site already constructed, so that installation speeds are ground breaking?

The Trovex Hygipod system is a one-piece pre-plumbed system designed to drastically reduce site installation times and to overcome the challenges that are involved with IPS systems when there are multiple trades involved.

Here are the advantages:

  • Labour saving on site.
  • Improved site management with tradesmen on site for shorter periods. Delivery and installation can happen very quickly reducing impact on other installations on site.
  • Where down-time is critical (e.g. healthcare) modular construction saves on lost revenue or service time for the organisation
  • Factory assembly methods produce consistent products to a higher quality; workers operate in a comfortable environment where products can be closely monitored throughout the construction process.

Find out more about Trovex Hygipod here.