Hygiene is one of the most important aspects to consider in the workplace. Poor hygiene can cause sickness, high staff turnover, employee dissatisfaction and can even result in health and safety problems.

Alarming statistics report that the cost of absenteeism is estimated to cost UK businesses nearly £29 billion a year so the more we can do to keep our employees healthy and happy, the better off we all are. In our latest blog, we take a look at the simple steps businesses can take to ensure that the workplace is kept clean, safe and hygienic at all times.


Passionate about hygiene
Trovex is passionate about hygiene – in fact all our products have been developed with hygiene front of mind. Every day our team are innovating and making significant improvements to hygiene critical environments up and down the UK. Our work spans across sectors including healthcare, leisure, food, education and commercial. From hygienic wall cladding, washroom cubicle systems, to doors, Trovex understands the importance of hygiene and the role it plays to keep your workplace hygienic.

Whilst there’s a lot that people can do by simply using common sense, i.e. washing hands, regularly cleaning office space and preventing germs spreading when people are ill, sometimes this isn’t enough. That’s where Trovex can help with our innovative range of hygienic solutions.


Surface protection
Wall and ceiling cladding creates smooth, seamless surfaces that are robust, easy to keep clean, and can be in a bespoke design to suit your company to enhance your office environment and complement your brand. Trovex Diamond Wall Cladding is a superior solution for your wall, and ceiling, covering needs. Trovex Resilience is one of the best solutions with prevention of scuffs and scratches in areas of high traffic such as corridors. By cladding surfaces with our tough and long-lasting PVC, you’re protecting against impact, spills and stains.

The impervious surface also offers protective properties that actively prevent the growth of germs and bacteria for improved infection control and hygiene making it a popular choice for offices, especially in kitchen or washroom areas. Read more 


What are Hygidoors?
Doors are one of the most common hotspots for harmful germs and bacteria, causing infections to spread such as E.coli, Staphylococcus, Aureas, plus fungal and viral infections. Door handles and panels should be cleaned regularly but risk of infection can be further reduced by specifying Trovex Hygidoors which offer the same bacteria fighting properties as our hygienic wall cladding.

Our doors are also important for providing security and fire safety, and are available in different frames, vision panels and core type choices. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, you have the freedom to create doors that will perfectly match your company décor and complement your brand identity. Find out more.


The washroom
A staggering one in 10 employees would avoid using the toilet in their workplace because of concerns about hygiene, according to a survey of more than 1,400 workers. The importance of a clean and hygienic washroom can be underestimated – a recent study by Cannon Hygiene International found that 86% of customers would not return to premises if the washroom was dirty or unhygienic. Make sure that your washroom isn’t letting your business down and  that hygiene and cleanliness are given the importance they deserve!


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