The Trovex hygienic fire-rated doorset that protects lives in so many ways

It is estimated that 300,000 patients a year in England acquire a healthcare associated infection (HCAI) as a result of care with the NHS. Trovex has been constantly investing in R&D to create products, methods and regulations for prevention and control of hospital infection. With a designer approach, the quality of a creative environment is also considered an important part of the therapeutic treatment. Every aspect of the Trovex offering provides quality tested products, easy installation and a responsive customer care.

Doors are an important component to be considered in a healthcare environment and no mistakes can be made during the specification. Doors are used by everyone and at the same time that it operates as a barrier to prevent germs and bacteria, it is also a place where bacteria can be harboured and infection can be spread as people touch the doors, from room to room contaminating the area.

Exclusive hygiene and safety

Every passage of personnel involves contact with the door or frame, potentially compromising the sterility of the area. Hygidoor brings the needed protection to these high traffic zone/environment, with robust, practical and attractive Hygiglaze flush vision panels and the option of Activ:ion anti-bacterial finish

Fully encapsulated with Trovex hygienic cladding, Hygidoor is highly effective at minimising the entry of super bugs to hygienic environments.  The unique Hygiglaze™ flush-glazing system means that there is no external beading around the vision panel, creating a completely hygienic, easy to clean and aesthetically appealing door face. In addition, Hygidoor has an exclusive hygienic wrapped frame, ensuring hygiene across the whole door set.

Activ:ion is the exclusive Trovex antibacterial PVC cladding that delivers proven, long-lasting protection with easy maintenance and beautiful appearance. Its homogenous silver ion technology reduces viable microbes by up to 99.9%, including bacteria like Streptococcus faecalis, Salmonella typhimurium and MRSA.

Hygidoor is fire-rated as standard, with options for up to 60-minute fire rating and complies with the strictest UK and European legislation regarding safety whilst enduring heavy usage.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

Hygidoor is delivered pre-hung in its frame, ensuring that installation is accurate and straightforward, enabling the site team to achieve tight deadlines. While being easy to clean and exceptionally hygienic, Hygidoor brings distinction to its environment with its crisp lines and smooth finish.

The Hygiglaze system produces a vision panel with no external beading that is perfectly flush with the door face. This greatly enhances the hygienic properties and simplifies the cleaning process, making Trovex Hygidoor the most thoughtfully designed and practical door set for hygienic environments.

FD60 Fire test Renewed!

Recently we put Hygidoor through to one of the most rigorous fire resistant test, the FD60 test to comply with BS476-22 providing the Hygidoor at least 60 minutes of fire resistance. The assessment test was carried out at Exova Warrington Laboratory on the Hygiglaze double door system which was terminated with the Hygidoor withstanding considerably more than 60 minutes under 950°C temperature, the test was finally terminated and the results were evaluated. It could only be a PASS with excellent marks – The Hygidoor had endured the temperature of volcano lava, for over an hour!

It is worth mentioning that it is not easy task for double doors to withstand this type of test due to the tendency for heat to try to pass between  the door leaves but the Trovex Hygidoor passed reassuringly with flying colours!

New Resilience Finish – Hygidoor Tuff!

With a solid particleboard core and flush glazing as standard this Hygidoor has a unique feature, clad with Trovex Resilience, a textured hygienic wall cladding which was created to minimize visibility of knocks and scrapes, this is a critical in areas of high traffic, preserving the aesthetic appearance of the Hygidoor and therefore extending its lifespan and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Many demanding environments, such as hospitals entrances, schools and restaurants benefit by this new Hygidoor option. Particularly in the education sector, Hygidoor significantly reduces maintenance costs by proving resistance against high impact and vandalism.

Design, colours and finishes

As well as several wood grain finishes, Hygidoor leaves and frames are also available in the full Trovex colour range, including gloss, satin or textured finishes, meaning the door can be aesthetically pleasing while still including the Trovex hygienic technology.

Trovex Hygidoor can be manufactured to specific needs, in different sizes, colours and finishes to suit each kind of project.

specific needs, in different sizes, colours and finishes to suit each kind of project.

have a look at  Colchester Hospital case study

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