Looking for a stylish wall cladding design but you don’t want to compromise on exceptional hygiene and performance? Introducing Trovex Gallery range – the perfect solution for creativity in food, leisure and healthcare environments.

Discover unlimited design possibilities for hygienic spaces
Compatible with all Trovex cladding solutions, the Gallery range transforms your hygienic wall into a bold visual experience with the added benefits of offering exceptional resistance to impact, spills and stains. Choose from a range of themes or create your own design using logos, graphics, artwork or photography. Trovex Gallery is as individual as you are.

Biophilic design
A trend that our team at Trovex are seeing increasingly is biophilic design, which focuses on nature and bringing the outside in. There are proven benefits to this new nature-inspired design phenomenon which includes improved wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

A popular choice for healthcare settings like patient wards, reception waiting areas or operating theatres will often feature a serene landscape, a lush green forest or a calming coastal scene to encourage a sense of well-being and relaxation in what can otherwise be stressful environments. Our Gallery project in the children’s ward at The Royal Free Hospital included large-scale feature walls featuring tranquil aquatic scenes to promote a sense of well-being for both children and parents.

Hard wearing and robust
Trovex Gallery meets the most complex requirements and its stunning finished appearance can be laminated with a hard-wearing scratch-resistant coating for protection in areas of high traffic and extreme wear.

The range, which can be used to clad both walls and ceilings, displays extraordinary strength and resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals and it also provides a low-maintenance and hygienic finish for every surface.

Unlimited design possibilities for hygienic settings
If you’re looking to refurbish a hygienic space and would like to know more about our Gallery design options, please get in touch with us. Our design specialists will guide you to select the perfect look and finish to your project whilst maintaining the importance of hygiene and safety. Please call us on 01707 254 170 or email sales@trovex.com.