What is IPS (Integrated Plumbing System)?

IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) is an effective way to conceal pipework when installing a group of toilets, creating an aesthetic and smart-looking washroom design.

IPS panels can be built according to size and colour and compliment the overall design and functionality of your washroom – whether it is for schools, hospitals or public use.

Back to the Wall Toilet

IPS is often known as a ‘back to the wall toilet’ because it is perfectly concealed and makes effective use of plumbing and space. Perfect for busy areas like shopping centres and stadiums where there is limited space for a lot of footfall.


What Are The Benefits of IPS Plumbing?

  • Concealed plumbing creating seamless washrooms
  • Integrated with any plumbing configurations
  • 20% cheaper than other alternatives
  • Fixed cost with no other add-ons
  • Simple and less on-site installation
  • Choice of size and decorative finishes
  • Available in any sanitaryware


The main advantages of IPS are from a cost perspective since it is usually around 20% cheaper than traditional plumbing methods and it comes at a fixed price, so that you avoid any potential add-ons or charges. Plus, there is less on-site installation time and a much simpler installation process.


How Can Trovex Help with IPS Plumbing?

Trovex has over 20 years of providing IPS solutions, made with functionality, sustainability and hygiene at the centre of everything we do.

To date, we have provided effective hygienic solutions for schools, hospitals and places of interest – including the Royal Free Hospital, Woburn Safari Park and Fitzpatrick Referrals, aka “The Supervet.”

We are based in Hertfordshire and have a production facility in Norfolk – where we personally make all our products and everything is quality-tested and comes with generous guarantees.

Your IPS is installed by the site plumber, which means that modules arrive on site complete with self-supporting frame, sanitaryware and all fittings. Therefore, you do not need to source any individual parts and the plumber can install your IPS, often quicker and cheaper than other forms of plumbing.

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What IPS Panels Are Available from Trovex?

IPS panels can be produced and supplied to meet your size and design requirements. Available as full or half height, the steel frame is adjustable, within its design limitations, to achieve a plumb level and inline installation.

IPS panels are available in any sanitaryware and plumbing configurations – and you can choose from a panel finish in either melamine faced chipboard (MFC), High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) or Solid Grade Laminates (SGL).

Colour made easy

We offer a whole host of colours for your new or upgraded toilet cubicles or washroom facilities. The S3:60 is available in a huge range of finishes. Visit the 'Washroom colour schemes' below:


Do you have a project coming up?

Choose from a wide range of materials and colour options in attractive and robust finishes to complement your design.