Working with Alpine Design and Build, Trovex designed and delivered the washrooms for this office complex to quite a specific design requirement.

The Nexus House washrooms project was another excellent opportunity for Trovex to supply a complete washroom package.

The feel to the washrooms was desired to be one that was seamless, a touch free aspect as far as possible and also, the best possible design considering the constraints of the areas the washrooms were in.

Solid Grade Laminate in a walnut finish was chosen for every panel and this brought a sharp contrast with the white tiled walls and the white Corian Wash trough. The extra height to the X5:80 cubicle doors brought out well the deep walnut grain in the panelling.

All sanitaryware and fittings were provided as part of the package and in conjunction with the laminate design, sensor taps and touch free hand dryers provided the extra-mile feel on the quality front.

Achieving the unique requests of customer and client satisfaction on this project was certainly enjoyable, something for Trovex to do, again and again.

Products Used:


Boasting a prestigious feel, X5:80 is ideal for washrooms in executive, hospitality and leisure settings, as well as high-profile areas in education and other sectors.

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