St Mary’s Ward, Luton & Dunstable Hospital

With the cost of empty hospital beds becoming increasingly dear, fast project turnaround is essential to the NHS. Modular products and a flexible, solution-oriented supplier helped the contractor deliver what was termed an ‘unrealistic’ schedule for St Mary’s Ward.

Working with the contractor

Trovex supplied and installed Hygipod wash stations and hygienic wall cladding to very tight timescales, working closely with the main contractor. Deliveries were coordinated and adjusted to facilitate weekend working and increased workflow.

Designing products with the architect

Early on in the project, we visited the architect, Murphy Philipps, to discuss Doc M compliance in regard of light reflectance values. Their challenge was that dark blue grab rails had been chosen to be used beside the Hyigpod wash stations and the Hygipods were also a dark blue colour (Pacific). Doc M compliance was achieved by producing narrow-width Hygipods in the blue colour and fixing the grab rails on the White hygienic wall cladding either side, thereby ensuring that the difference in light reflectance values between adjacent surfaces was the regulatory 30 points.

Trovex products have been specified for further phases at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, having met the need of the customer for products that could be used in all parts of the hospital.

Why was Hygipod a benefit?

The advantages of Hygipod are twofold. For the contractor, this modular, straightforward-to-install, one-piece unit is a dream come true: within an hour of being delivered to site, you can have a fully functional wash station and no specialist trade is required for installation.

The aesthetics of the Hygipod are undeniable: sleek, seamless and hygienic, the units stand proudly in showers, WCs, bed bays, utility rooms, kitchens and treatment rooms. This offers a major benefit to the client and the option of a flush Hygipod gives even more style to this innovative product.

Meeting challenges on site

Trovex installed hygienic wall cladding, providing a full solution for the wall finishes and ensuring perfection in the transition between wall cladding and Hygipod.

The main contractor commented on the pro-active character of the Trovex installers on-site. Taking responsibility for the finished result, the Trovex team flagged potential issues and gave solutions to the site manager, helping to ensure that the contractor handed over yet another stunning looking, snag-free project.

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