Parkway Health Clinic

It is important that Health Centres are welcoming and easy to navigate yet remain hygienic to serve the community well.

Trovex was previously specified at Parkway Health Clinic for use on the last major refurbishment where each consulting room is themed by a different colour scheme. Through rearranging the internal layout of the building to maximise usage of space, a whole new area has been added to the centre to provide excellent Diabetes services.

The architect continued the colour themed rooms to assist with efficient wayfinding for the patients. Each new room is entered through a Hygidoor, which leads into a room fully clad in Diamond white with a feature colour wall and a Hygipod hand wash basin in the same finish.

Trovex’s large colour range is available across all three products for a complete hygienic solution. This gave the designers a wide range of options to ensure each room was unique in design. What’s more, bright colours are good for creating positive environments.

The client particularly likes the easily wipeable finish of Trovex as it maximises the hygiene levels.

They’ve also managed to source coloured-matched office chairs to suit each room!

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