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Hygienic wall cladding and ceilings form the heart of hygiene in food preparation areas.

It's essential that commercial kitchens comply with food safety standards. Trovex hygienic wall cladding ensures surfaces are kept clean and has the double benefit of minimal maintenance.

Its smooth and impervious finish creates a wall lining that is resistant to spills and stains and prevents growth of bacteria and bugs.  

Hygienic ceiling boards complement the wall system, ensuring complete protection.

Designed to take the heat in the areas directly behind cookers, stainless steel wall cladding joins seamlessly with the hygienic cladding system.

Trovex Diamond

Boasting extraordinary strength and resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals, Trovex Diamond is used to effectively clad walls and ceilings, providing a low-maintenance and antibacterial surface.

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Leighton ceiling hi res


Representing an option that’s perfectly suited for food-preparation, leisure and healthcare environments, the Trovex Diamond ceiling system offers exceptional benefits.

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Commercial kitchen

Stainless Steel

Making it easy to provide heat-resistant surfaces where required.

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